The past "circumvents" the future!
The past "circumvents" the future! circumvent stories

majorityone Just a weirdo!
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If your own (trying too hard) "circumventing" past tries to feel the mere guilt of such a challenge for change, then ALL is not lost.... Your simply just trying to make up for the ample amends of a desperate scenario that doesn't "taste" like everyday life. Which solely doesn't fit with today's standards about how your future is (somehow) always looking so bleak!


The past "circumvents" the future!

The past circumvents the future simply because the past is again, simply trying to catch up with the future.

Only because the future goes beyond the past's own horizon (which is obvious to say the least)... ...

But nonetheless, has a greater beneficial outcome to sort out an input's ("oneselves") future events when the "past scheming scenarios" comes back and either "hit's you" when you need it MOST,

or calmly assorts the different factors into something you were NEVER aware of...until it was already too late to bear yourself suitable against!

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