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Tailoring one's own awareness with the operating system that bodes well with everyday riches, produces harm to the rightful of places.

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Tailoring Consciousness

Consciousness is tailored for everyone's efforts.

The software,

which includes the hardware it's circumvented towards in order to specialize the countering of what makes it special in its tip top shape that won't be the downfall of order itself.

But the countering of how one tailors our operating systems day in and day out. Like computers and their operating systems.

All are specialized with there own software that makes calculations after calculations day in and day out. Sort of a repeatable process for everyone's pleasures to invoke upon.

Circumventing the hardware that mounts an all-out assault of processes exchanging daily operations both inside and out. Guess you can say a operating system is a computers consciousness.

Doesn't matter how advanced one is to claim by performance alone. Sooner or later, the obvious is in its performance through actions alone.

Performance is never equal, until you have a operating system that's proud to be awake and functioning! Now what's this about tailoring consciousness...? Nothing... Well, not really anyways.

Were all tailored ever since birth.

Natural inclinations among our living conditions pits us against rougher life styles then what our own kind is actually going through on the other side of there own spectrum.

Spectrum's including a posher life style.

Tailoring our consciousnesses proudly without guilt or suffering paying the wages in a more illusional priority to what truly counts for something being a one-sided treating operating system.

Operating systems are just that...functioning platforms for our waking states to conjure up on a daily basis. Removing this operating system, would be like removing ourselves.

Seizing to exist in our fully established biological states completely!

Whatever state your consciousness is divided by, don't tear it away because yours just seems to not function up to the claims of what lifestyle you (THINK) you should be tailored by.

Whether you asked or not. Thou understandably it's not your fault to what lifestyle you were brought up by.

And the poverty that produces those brims full of guilt or suffering pays more wages to what is the true operating lengths of what the world is truly founded upon.

Operating systems in computers are safe because there functioning. Tailored to be the tip top and posh lifestyle that one was engineered when sold separately.

Which in tune was given to a higher base operating system that's now channeling the wills and wants of what this engineered system is occupied to function with.

More priorities in all! WOOT! Our consciousness sits back while judging harshly based on not feeling, because feeling is made more then just a waking state system.

Its functionality isn't important because it's drawn out to be a system. Hence a somebody to tailor your own self importance's up because your awake and functioning.

Consciousness is tailored to exist because it's there to see how the vessel that binds us all together, gives us our self importance in the first place.

(Snapping of someone's functioning width gives rise to friction counting for something jaw-dropping!) Achieving the snapping mechanism in one go.

Thou many services kept trying with processes battling for perfection. Forwarding the plan to notion the regards of...what...

exactly, pray tell?? They say we mirror our believe system out into the world.

We make mistakes which spawn greater examples for the self importance eliciting the lesson of forgone truths straight from our focused conscious could elaborate on.

Just like how apparently consciousness could reflect the universes true purpose in (WHY) the operating system acts the way it does.

Hiding its true tailoring arts in such a twisting bind, it's unaffordable to even speculate on. It's simply beyond our pray tell minds to operate on. Yet we interact with it on a daily basis.

Twisting, while binding something isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not forgetting to include the involuntary postures shooting out the benefits to this natural, possibly biased claim.

(What riches foretold such events to come...?) Obviously, nothing to what tailored these operating systems of ours. Electronic computers. Bioelectrochemical humans. Creations or creator.

Tailoring their computations and biological processes to the highest degree.

Everyone has a operating system that lets you consciously interact with the software that permeates the hardware holding it all together. Just like how a skull holds a brain.

Which holds the nestles of mind. And mind carrying out the calculations of software bounded to the hardware that mind is also bounded by the brain.

The universe is massive, yes! But a network in itself once said, (that no matter how big or massive your typical construct might seem to absolve all constraints of triumph!

You need to look a little closer.

) Humans dedication towards operating systems? Tailoring conscious properties?


Computers being creations of advanced operable,

functioning exercises which circumvent those daily practices are too beneficiary to the thing that bounces back to a functioning mirroring mechanism playing for keeps with the lifestyle we

all play ourselves in our own nestled corners. The universe is no different. But it's not as big as you truly give it credit for.

(Tailoring consciousness hears a snapping of someone's functioning width giving rise to the friction counting for something without jaw-dropping results!

) Maybe tomorrow when your operating system is all deemed redeemable by no good lucky efforts.

You might start to benefit yourself among close surroundings that play you to look too far ahead of what is already tailoring you up to play the part directly towards.

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