A poem dedicated to my "special friend" @kyle_lee!
A poem dedicated to my "special friend" @kyle_lee! special stories

majorityone Just a weirdo!
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This is a dedicated poem to a friend I just only met... Yet it feels like they are "spiritually" more than that, essentially speaking!

A poem dedicated to my "special friend" @kyle_lee!

"Kyle" is more than just an unusual acquaintance... She is a "special friend" who (truthfully) I seemed to have known for only two days.

When really, it's like I've known her simply as someone who's lived on my own street my entire life!

Someone who isn't afraid to get themselves out there (when they feel like it...that is).

With a little assistance from the good ole nudging push out the door!

This all seems to add up to you reminding me of someone who only seems to be a mere afterthought that keeps coming back and seemingly introducing yourself (yet again) for the better!

Someone who I'd voice the very thought that simply started with the word (of the very impression I got from them when they first introduced themselves into how they presented themselves)

as "little".... Yes, that only came to one half of such a unifying whole. The entire other half came to a weird little quirky word called "squirt".

Put those two together for a "unifying whole" that ends in calling them officially...

"little squirt"! Except that's the impression of a mere repeated question I have in the pit of my stomach when feeling excited to interact with this very individual.

All in all, the expression of themselves in what to essentially call them simply ends in one word/name...

"Kyle"! Since that's what she told me herself in how I know she wants more people to essentially start calling her that.

(Anyways, this is just off the top of my head when wanting to merely express the very air I breath when surrounded by her graceful charm!) Meaning she's fun to be around with!

She's funny and quirky in how she addresses herself. Which makes me (again) feel like I've known her...

all my life! Sometimes even feeling like a little sister I never had! Or a cousin who lives right next store to me as we hanged out by the creek trying to catch frogs.

Or went biking in the afternoon sun on the weekends when school was finally out for the WHOLE SUMMER!

We also connect in such a way that has me feeling grateful that I became her "special friend"! Since that's what she essentially is too me at heart!

As we "clicked" (as she would essentially put it) right off the bat! Since the very few words we first interacted with one another!

PS... I hope this makes you tear up "little squirt"...?! Will show just how GREAT your compassion towards it, really is hehe! Everyone go and check out @kyle_lee! Her writing is fluently rooted in layman's terms (by my observations). While her emotions make up for the power that is, she being herself!

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