A Flesh-Eating Nothingness!
A Flesh-Eating Nothingness! nothingness stories

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A flesh-eating nothingness isn't proud of it's claims, until it's invoked by a newly developed primed example. Logic in the essence of its victims will surely tempt its desire even more. Or even longer then it ever suspected before.

A Flesh-Eating Nothingness!

Nothingness is without claim to a product. That product, being a flesh-eating desire of nothingness. How does that truly define what nothingness with a claim is about? Simple.

It eats the nothingness from right out of your very claims. Tempting you to feel the flesh-eating desire of nothingness claims take variety in its own product.

Giving you the desire to take effect against the primate that localizes themselves against the nothingness with a claim. A product to fashion itself full of thirsty varieties.

A deep contemplating resolution to how one gently caresses there very essence into the nothingness. Claiming there very rights to its own product.

How does two rights to a claim, maximize a product?

The flesh-eating product of nothingness becomes dreadfully thirsty for those varieties belonging to the primate stepping into unknown territory.

The flesh-eating nothingness begins to dissolve the essence of that primate altogether. Going easy as not to strain its own consumption.

Or is it just desiring the inevitability of a never-ending claim to thirsty varieties?

The primate's essence filled to the brim with its product, is equalizing the claim of itself into the nothingness's claim of flesh-eating symptoms.

What happens when it's had its fill? It's a flesh-eating nothingness, right? What do you think it's going to do...

? Paint pictures of wanting to do something, even thou it could very well strain its own focus in the moment of doubt.

No! It's far older than some primate losing itself one consumable bite at any given time. Losing yourself one focal point at a time.

Never knowing what the claim of nothingness could really amount to! Or what the product of flesh-eating gives when consuming you whole!

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