Rope Swing
Rope Swing child abuse stories
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majorasmadeline Think deep, but don't sink.
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Rope Swing When I was a young girl

Rope Swing

Rope Swing

When I was a young girl

My innocence blossomed around my mother's house

In the form of daffodils, strawberries, and banana leaves

I basked in the garden of my innocence

My smiles bloomed through vines

That wrapped around our picket fence

My laughter echoed through the backyard

Attached to a rope swing

Merrily swinging and shining through the gloomiest of days

When I was a young girl

A man tore down that picket fence

He didn't knock

He destroyed the daffodils, stepped on the strawberries

The banana leaves withered when winter came

Today, I'm scared of rope swings

Because I know that falling

Hurts too much.

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