I'm scared.
I'm scared. fear stories

majorasmadeline Think deep, but don't sink.
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You scare me. You scare me because your love and passion sends my sentimentality into a whirlwind.

I'm scared.

You scare me.

You scare me because your love and passion sends my sentimentality into a whirlwind of emotion that I can barely comprehend.

An ice storm in late January that freezes my senses and paralyzes my lips until my words drip out like snowflakes, falling quietly to the ground until they're melted away without impact.

My screams for you crystallize once they've sprung from my throat, turning to icicles that are fragile and brittle, until they shatter into the crisp, hollow air around me.

You scare me because your voice and your presence sends a hurricane through my veins that devastates my nervous system,

and my sense of anything that makes sense at all is set askew just by looking into your eyes.

Those goddamned eyes.

You scare me.

Your love for me is as gentle as the stream of a creek; your feelings, fragile threads of water rippling over the stones and pebbles as they flow to no certain destination.

My love for you is a raging wave, tumbling over the rocks of a waterfall, thrusting confidently to the bay below,

While your love for me is kept at bay. It creeps up the shoreline with the hesitation of a peaceful summer tide, evading the sunset, lapping at the shore with a casual uncertainty.

You scare me because your love is like a budding tree that can't quite break through the dirt and soil that it's springing from, and I water it and care for it,

hoping to bring it to life but in the end, what I'm left with is a withered growth and your limbs are charred and your colors are void.

You scare me because my love for you burns more brightly than a forest fire, more intensely than the sun itself.

I try and I try to dull the flames, to fan them down to a pile of burning embers, but with a whisper of your voice, the flames roar up with a fury I cannot contain.

My love for you, I cannot contain.

I'm scared.

I'm scared because your love for me is like an autumn breeze; fluttering and whispering through the garden of my sensuality.

Carefully whipping my flowers to and fro,

Until my petals are caught by your wind and carried to depths that I cannot understand.

Your love for me, I cannot understand.

Is it as fleeting as a shooting star?

A shooting star that does not possess the power to make my wish come true

Because my only wish,

Is for your love for me,

To be as grounded as the love

I have for you.

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