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**Warning: this is controversial and it's more of a rant than a poem bc the rhyme scheme is everywhere, but I'm so emotional over recent events and I feel something needs to be said.** America is broken

America the Broken

**Warning: this is controversial and it's more of a rant than a poem bc the rhyme scheme is everywhere, but I'm so emotional over recent events and I feel something needs to be said.**

America is broken

Our country is not great, and it never has been

We preach about freedom, about standing in solidarity against oppression and hate

But our country was founded on the bloodshed of thousands,

Men, women and children mercilessly slaughtered, stripped of the very “freedom” that we sing about

Stripped of human dignity

We sing about freedom

But we enslaved thousands of our own people because their skin bore a darker tone than others,

We treated our sisters and brothers like animals, like dirt

We disregarded their humanity and stomped their individuality into the dirt,

We scorned them and hung them from trees

We laughed as we whipped them, beat them,

We watched in amusement while they begged on their knees,

America is broken

Those very same people are “free” now and we tell them “be quiet, slavery ended years ago, racism is dead

This is America

Be thankful to be here”

While we silence them,

And drill into their head

That they're whining for no reason, that their cause is unworthy and they're ungrateful for their “freedom”,

Our law enforcement slaughters them,

They protest and plead,

They beg and they bleed

To live in a country for ALL Americans

To be given the basic respect for human life that is supposedly granted to us just by being born from the soil that bears our red, white and blue

Millions of people, all too well, know this truth

America is not for all Americans

You can't wear a turban or a hijab in public without being spat on and ridiculed

You can't kiss your husband in public as a man without people giving you sideways glances,

Covering their children's eyes

Like your love is something to be shielded from,

Like it's less human than the love between a man and a woman

America is broken

We're more enraged at an athlete kneeling and refusing to sing

Than we are about a whole country of people suffering

We preach love and freedom,

But we don't practice what we preach.

They lie on the news and distract us from what's important,

They tell us what we want to hear,

Disguising our downfall year after year

Our earth is crumbling beneath us

Our oceans are contaminated,

Our humanity

Is contaminated

Our air is polluted, we inhale the same toxicity that we exhale

Our trees are torn down and spas and shopping malls sprout in their stead

Cops break down doors and murder children in their bed

We cry for a day or two,

“We'll sing a hymn and say a prayer for you”,

We post a status on social media condemning violence and hate

Then we go back to our lives like nothing has changed

Because what doesn't affect you personally means nothing to you

We fail to have the mindset: “if you're in pain, I'm pained, too”

A crime against one of us is a crime against us all

Because we have nothing if we don't have brotherhood and sisterhood

You are me, I am you, and we are them

There is no “us against them”,

There is only us against ourselves

America is broken

We care more about the sexuality

Of the person in the bathroom stall next to us

Than we do about the heart and the pain of someone standing next to us

We legalize discrimination, we encourage segregation

Slavery has ended,

But hatred burns more brightly than it ever has before

It just shows itself in more socially acceptable ways, drilling the truth into our core:

America is broken

But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Take my hand, I'll stand with you

Because the empathy of one

Can go a long way

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