A Lover's Fantasy
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majorasmadeline Think deep, but don't sink.
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I remember trying to breathe that night

A Lover's Fantasy

I remember trying to breathe that night

But the air around me, along with my voice,

Caught in my lungs,

Stagnant and dull

I remember the look in your eyes

When I told you I was scared

To fall in love

I remember you taking my hand,

Caressing my face and drawing lines on my heart,

With your finger,

Tracing your name into my chest

Where it's forever scarred

I remember your words falling softly into the night air,

As you told me you were mine,

And there was nothing to fear;

With a smile on my face,

Wrapped tightly in your arms,

I made a home in your embrace,

I came undone

And I fell hard

I remember slipping out of consciousness

As we abandoned reality

Hand in hand,

We walked along

In a lover's fantasy

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