Shall I call you my prince
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A beautiful poem by Ahmad Raza khan

By: Ahmad Raza Khan Bareli

Shall I call you my prince

Shall I call you my prince; or shall I say ‘my Lord and Master? I must say that you are the most beautiful flower in Khalil’s garden

I am a wretch, among the unfortunate; and your art the treasure of hope You are the very soul of hope and the wellspring of aspiration

You are the most colorful flower from a blessed and hallowed garden You are the comfort to the pain of the yearning nightingale

Shall I favor the night of a stranger upon the day in his own land, I hail thee as the one with kind and generous, bestowing hair.

Swear By lord! the radiance of your lightsome body, O the life of my life! thou art the life of light!

You are the spotless gem, the unstained moon A thornless flower, the pride, and glory of the garden

I am a sinner and I must make provisions for my salvation, So, I hail thee as my intercessor on Judgement day.

Shan’t I give glad tidings of eternal life to this lifeless heart You are the strength, the vigor, and soul of the reviver, the messiah.

Your attributes are free from every flaw, I am perplexed, my Master! What shall I call thee?

The speechlessness of his admirer will tell all I keep quiet thus, after having said ‘How can I describe thee?’

Yet, Raza ends his speech by saying this You are the creates creation and creations master

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