Sherlock and Watson Part 5
Sherlock and Watson Part 5

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Today’s Father’s Day and Sherlock has misplaced something very important. Can Maira and Watson help him find it?

Sherlock and Watson Part 5


Sherlock: John! Watson folded the newspaper and kept it aside. Watson: What's wrong, Sherlock? Sherlock walked into the living room, searching for something. Something important.

Sherlock: Where did I last keep it?! Ugh...why can’t I remember?! It’s giving me a headache! Watson: Sherlock...what are you looking for?! Sherlock rummaged through the contents of the drawer desperately.

Watson sighed. He understood that Sherlock was in no mood of answering him until he found what he was looking for. " 'Sup, fellas!" Maira sauntered into the living room and made herself comfortable in the armchair. Sherlock grunted in reply while Watson greeted her back.

Maria stared at Sherlock in confusion. Maira: What's up with Sherly? Watson: He's misplaced something really important. Maybe a vital clue for the recent case we got. Maira: Ah...that's sad. I thought he was searching for Mycroft's card.

Sherlock’s ears perked up. Sherlock: How did you know I was searching for Mycroft's card?! Maira shrugged.

Maira: Because it's Father’s Day today and you wanted to make something for your father. You suck at this sort of stuff so you would just replace Mycroft's name with yours and post it. Watson's eyes widened. Watson: Your father is still alive?! I thought it was just you and your brother.

Maira glared at Watson. Maira: That's what you pick up from my whole deduction?! Seriously, Watson?! Watson shrugged. Watson: If you had lived with this man as long as I did, you would've realised that piece of information was vital.

Sherlock ignored his statement and smirked. Sherlock: I've taught you well, Maira. You're getting good at deduction. If you practice enough, I might offer you a job as my assistant detective. Maira: I'd be honoured, Sherly. But that's beside the point! You could've asked me to help you make a card. I'm good at this stuff!

Watson: She’s not wrong, Sherlock! She's the best in this job. You can hand the card over to her. Maria smirked. Maira: You know better than to doubt me, Sherly. Even Watson's given his approval. Now, be a good boy, and hand it over.

Sherlock sighed. Sherlock: Fine! Do whatever you want with this card - but I want my card to be better than Mycroft's! Understood? Maira mock saluted him. Maira: Aye, Aye Captain!

Later that night.

Watson: Maira! It's dinner time! Maira: One second! Sherlock plopped down in the chair, waiting for food to be served. Sherlock: I'm famished Watson! Where's your sister?! Is she done with the card?!

"Ask her yourself, Sherlock," Watson replied, serving him food. "Don't worry, she won't disappoint you," Sherlock: I hope not. Maira sauntered in with a grin on her face. Maira: What's for dinner, people?

Sherlock: Did you finish it?! Maira: Yes, Sherly. I did. Sherlock: Where is it?! Maira: In my room. Sherlock: Bring it. Maira: After dinner.

Sherlock pouted. Sherlock: I wanna see it now! Watson scolded him. Watson: Sherlock, don't be such a baby! Have your dinner first!

Maira placed a hand on Sherlock's shoulder. Maira: Believe me, Sherly. I work to impress!

After dinner

Maira, as promised, handed over the new card. She was waiting eagerly for Sherlock's reaction ever since she finished the card. Sherlock's eyes widened when he saw the detailed designs on the card. He had a feeling that his father would realize that it was unlike him to be so creative. But he didn't care.

All he cared about was the writing inside. He read the whole thing and was surprised how much it sounded like him. A bit awkward. A bit shy. And a whole lot crazy.

Maira: So...? Watson: I'm impressed, sister. You've done a marvellous job! The writing sounds like something Sherlock would say. Sherlock stayed eerily quiet. Maira: What's wrong, Sherly? You didn't like it?

Sherlock’s lips curled up. Sherlock: Finally, I'm going to be better than Mycroft at, yet, another thing! Take that Mycroft! Maira and Watson laughed at Sherlock's crazy antics and hoped that his father really liked the card Maira made.


Hope you guys loved it! And as always, like and comment down below. I know it’s kinda short (unlike the last one) as it was a last-minute decision. I didn’t know I’ll end up writing something today. Anyways, enough babbling for now. I’ll see you guys soon with another crazy one shot of the trio. Until then.

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