Sherlock and Watson Part 3
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"It's Christmas, then."
"Oh boy,"

Sherlock and Watson Part 3

"It's Christmas, then."

"Oh boy,"

Without further ado, let's get started!

Sherlock: Jawwn!!!! He screamed at the top of his lungs as he looked for his newspaper. Watson, already not interested in what Sherlock would say.

Watson: What? Sherlock: Did you see the newspaper anywhere? Watson, bored, turns the pages of the newspaper. Watson: You mean this? Sherlock: Oh, Watson! You surely are a life-saver!

Sherlock snatched the newspaper from Watson's grip and frantically turned the pages. Watson: What are you looking for? Sherlock grinned. Sherlock: There's this shop opening. I need to see where it is.

Watson widened his eyes, staring suspiciously at Sherlock. Sherlock: What? Watson: Who are you? Sherlock: I'm Sherlock Holmes! What has gotten into you?! Watson: You're interested in a shop-opening and not a case!

Sherlock: Well, that is a surprise, isn't it, Watson? Sherlock kept turning the pages until he stopped at the desired page. Sherlock: A-ha! Found it! Watson, I shall be out late, so do not stay up, and tell Mrs. Hudson to lock all the doors and windows.

Sherlock rushed out of the apartment, shutting the door behind him. Watson let out a sigh and slumped on Sherlock's arm-chair. "Guess, I have to celebrate Christmas on my own this year,"

Later that night.

Molly: Thank you so much for inviting us over, John. It has been a lovely evening. Mrs. Hudson: Of course it has! Look at all the decorations we did! Greg: These look fantastic, Mrs. Hudson! Where did you buy all of this from?

Mrs. Hudson and Greg talked about the decorations and food arrangements that were planned for dinner while Watson wondered how long would it take for Sherlock to be back. Molly walked up to a quiet Watson. Molly: Wondering where Sherlock went?

Watson snickered. Watson: Wonder if he remembered today was Christmas. Funny thing, for the first time in ages, he was actually interested in a shop-opening. Greg heard that from the corner of the room. Greg: Whoa, is that true, Watson?

Watson: Hundred percent! Greg laughed. Greg: Oh my god, for the first time, I feel like Sherlock is a human! Molly scolded him. Molly: Greg! He's always been a human! Don't you dare call him anything else on Christmas night!

Greg raised his hands in surrender. Greg: Whoa, woman, calm down! It's Christmas time and we are allowed to have a little fun! Molly: Not by calling names to Sherlock, you are. Greg: Okay, Ms. Molly. My deepest apologies.

Molly: Thank you! She made a beeline towards the dining table and saw all the presents kept. Molly: When are we opening the presents? Mrs. Hudson: As soon as Sherlock shows up. Greg snickered: Will he, though?

Watson: He said that he will be late, Mrs. Hudson. He asked you to lock the doors and windows and not stay up too late. Mrs.Hudson was heartbroken. Mrs.Hudson: But it's Christmas! Molly: Yes, I completely agree.

Greg, sipping his glass of wine, mumbled, "Told you," Watson: Well, that is the last thing he said to me before he left. I'm sorry, Mrs. Hudson. Molly: We can stay up, right? I mean, it's not Christmas without him. He's probably working and we're here celebrating. It doesn't just feel right.

Greg: You're only saying this because you have a gift for him, and you want to see his reaction when he opens it. Mrs. Hudson: Greg Lestrade, that is enough, young man! Watson: Mrs. Hudson, it's okay. He's not coming and we know it. Let's not waste time waiting for him.

Greg: I agree. The doctor's correct. Mrs. Hudson: But- Molly: We're his friends! Watson: He doesn't care. Suddenly, there was a voice from the door.

"Does he not? Oh, my dear Watson, you don't know me at all." All of them turned and Molly practically screamed when she saw Sherlock Holmes standing in the doorway with a bag of presents. Sherlock smirked. Sherlock: Merry Christmas!

Watson laughed. Watson: Oh, you son of a -! Molly: John! Molly hugged him as he let down the bag for a minute and then gave Mrs. Hudson a quick little hug. Sherlock: Lestrade! I'm surprised you're home!

Greg: What do you mean? Sherlock: Nevermind. You might not like the next few words of mine. Mrs. Hudson: Where were you all day?! She smacked Sherlock in the arm.

Sherlock: Ow! I was at the shop-opening! Greg: Right, doctor's told us about that. Molly: You never are an enthusiast when it comes to anything but a case! Sherlock simply shrugged.

Sherlock: Perhaps, it was the Christmas spirit.


I am so glad I could finally another part for Sherlock and Watson, especially a Christmas special. Been waiting for ages to write this! Anyways hope you loved it, and like always - Like, comment, and share this story with your friends and family.

Cause it's Christmas - the season of giving. And with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, it was bound to 'not to be' normal. Anyhoo, enjoy the holidays and once again, Merry Christmas, fellas!

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