Sherlock and Watson Part 2
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Sherlock and Watson Part 2

Sherlock: I'm bored... Watson sighed. Watson: This again? Sherlock: What can I do if I'm bored again? Watson: I have nothing to entertain you. Sherlock smirked.

Sherlock: Are you writing again? Watson gestured to the empty table. Watson: Do I look like I am writing something? Sherlock: We still do not have a case, do we? He slumped on his chair.

Watson continued to observe Sherlock. He had closed his eyes, his fingers touched, and his mind in deep thought. Sherlock: What are you looking at? Watson was astonished. Watson: How do you know I was staring?

Sherlock laughed. Sherlock: Oh, my dear Watson, you still do not understand me. Watson: How do you expect me to understand you if you don't explain? Sherlock: It is the strange vibe that I get when someone stares.

Watson: If I had denied it, would you have believed me? Sherlock: No, because I knew you were staring. Sherlock opened his eyes and sprang to his feet. Sherlock: I have an idea. Watson sighed.

Watson: For the last time, we aren't murdering anyone for you to have a case. Sherlock: No, no, Watson. Not that. It is something else. Watson: What else? Sherlock: An experiment. Watson started to get a little uncomfortable, given the way

Sherlock smirked. Watson: What kind of e-experiment are we talking about? Sherlock: Oh, Watson. You are going to love it. Watson muttered under his breath. "Something tells me, I will hate it,"


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