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A continuation of my family series. I've written, The Oldest, The Middle, The Youngest, and now The One and Only. What is unique about being an only child? This poem describes the special place these kids have in their families of three. Enjoy.

By: Lisa Mailliard

The One and Only

Inspired by Evelyn Jean Lively 2021

There's only one and that is me.

I'm the one special kid in this family.

I am part of an exclusive group.

I'm an only child, let me give you the scoop.

When you're an only, you don't have to share pets or toys.

You have your own room and books to enjoy.

No intruders will disturb you when you're deep in thought

No one will borrow your clothes, and everywhere is your spot.

You know how to entertain yourself and can always sit in the front seat,

No pesky brother or sister will eat your treats.

It might be fun to have a partner in crime.

But I have something better, uninterrupted time.

I have my parents to myself, we're a team of three.

I'm the center of their world, their love is just for me.

We have special traditions with an exclusive guest list

Friday night movies and game nights never missed.

I am their source, of entertainment and wonder

They are there for my every success and blunder

I am their life, their greatest endeavor

I'm all that they hoped for and they'll cherish me forever.

There are no siblings in this house,

The three of us is what my world is all about.

So when someone says that I must get lonely.

I just smile, sigh and say, "Nope I'm the ONLY."

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