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This is a poem about the unique position of the middle child in the family. I picture this as a children's picture book that can be read to a youngest child before a younger sibling arrives. I myself am in the middle and I love it here.

The Middle

Are you big or are you little?

Well, you're both! You're in the middle.

You have an older, wiser partner to to learn from

and a younger one, to teach, about things to come.

But guess what!

The middle is the BEST place to be,

You connect to everyone in the family.

You're the peacemaker, the translator, the link between siblings.

You balance the family, you're a part of all things.

Your mom and dad could get distracted,

with how your older sibling has acted.

when limits are tested, and power struggles are ample,

Your parents are learning too, the oldest is the example

When you're born second, you can watch and learn,

Your parents will be a little more relaxed when it's your turn.

When the youngest comes along, shiny and bright,

The focus shifts again, they're in the spotlight.

But don't worry middle child, enjoy this time,

This new addition can be your partner in crime.

When you're in the middle, you're free to be you

You have built-in best friends in these two.

You can be the younger, and get the older's insight.

Or you can be the older, and help the youngest take flight.

When you're a middle you have a great privilege .

You have support and inspiration and can help the youngest with their village.

In the middle is where I like to be,

Am I big, am I little? Nah, I'm just lucky.

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