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Motherhood is hard. I hope this poem gives hope for those mothers out there like me who have teens and you think you'll never get through it. I for one hope for the day she looks at me and says, "Sorry, I get it now."


It begins with a kick, a flutter and such,

from an angel inside that you hoped for so much.

Your dreams for your little one reach the stars.

A little piece of perfection you can call, "ours".

You gaze in awe at those new toes, eyes, and ears.

Exhausted by wails, you're sure everyone hears.

They grow up too fast, they grow so tall,

Then you have a hard time remembering their baby faces at all.

They have their own opinions and sure let you know it.

You take a deep breath and hope that they'll outgrow it.

The teenage years seem like they'll never be over.

Where did my sweet baby go? Why does she now hate her mother?

Yelling, fighting, and slamming doors

Negotiating, confiding, doing chores.

Looking back, you see this time is nothing but a blip,

They'll soon head out on their own, starting their own life's trip

And then one day, you'll get a call,

Your baby is having her own little one in the Fall.

She's become a mother and needs some advice

Will the crying ever stop? Does this bruise need some ice?

She'll need your wisdom, the conflicts will be forgotten.

She'll realize how hard you worked, even when she was being rotten.

As she holds this miracle in her arms,

You'll see that she's already helpless to her little one's charms.

You know that she has so much in store,

There's nothing you could want and hope for her more.

It's your turn to see the fruits of your labor

She'll struggle and triumph over and over.

You'll watch her gain wisdom, combined with what you've passed on.

And she'll realize that life's greatest gift is being a Mom.

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