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Anyone else suffering from Covid Fatigue? Some days like today I think I'll lose it. Here's a rant and hopefully some relatable situations. Enjoy!

By: Lisa Mailliard

Covid Fatigue

I did my part by staying home and avoiding large crowds.

I wore a mask, socially distanced, and rarely went out.

We rediscovered our families, spent lots of one on one time.

We played games, baked bread, and drank too much wine.

Time slowed down, all of our regular appointments were gone.

We had no idea how long this isolation would go on.

We had Zoom calls with relatives, yelling and talking over each other

"Mom, you're in mute!" "Why can't I see anyone?" yelled our brother.

These days drug on through Spring and Summer.

School started in the fall, online, such a bummer.

Everyday seemed like Groundhog Day, the same old routine.

We craved interaction with real people, not on a screen.

When Thanksgiving rolled around, many were fed up and tired.

Thousands ignored the warnings, visited family, then expired.

The term "Covid Fatigue" became well known.

We all felt it and had the overwhelming itch to roam.

"You can't hide out in your basement! Live your life!", some of my friends said.

I'd rather live in my basement than be the reason my parents were dead.

We planned out Christmas, strict quarantine for 2 weeks.

But still crossed our fingers praying we didn't cause a new streak.

A highlight of the day was debating what was for dinner.

Let's have cookies and ice cream, it's not like we're getting any thinner!

How many times could we discuss what we needed from the store?

Did we risk our life at Trader Joe's or was it Walmart pickup once more?

Weekends stretched out for what seemed like years,

You've redecorated every room, every closet cleared.

And what would you have done without Amazon?

It was a lifeline and shopping therapy that your sanity depended on.

It's January now and I wish I could say we're free to go out.

But there are more and more cases, from Covid fatigue no doubt.

So I'll continue to take precautions to avoid this relentless bug,

In the hopes that next year, we can start it with a hug.

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