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another smut :,) but it's in a field this time and It's way better than the last one-

Cottagecore fem x fem

"WARN!NG" Smut, obvi, just beware of uh, yea-

Our bodies like the passing wind, lay on a field of wildflowers.

The breeze like a hand, brushing the hair from our faces.

The sun was like our spotlight, the earth was our bed.

Now, I wanted nothing more then to prove to Amelia that we were more than something.

I wanted to show her the world, and show her truth, and show her what "real" meant.

"I love you." She breathed, naked, cold, completely "real".

"I love you." I replied as she wall slammed me on the skin of the earth's core. I could feel her warmth radiating from her body, leaning over me, laying on top of mine.

Her eyes were clouded, hazy. Her vision was filtered with a wall of fog. Everything around her was gone. All that mattered now, was us.

She leaned towards me, opening her mouth.

Her tongue was warm against my neck as it traveled upwards, her lips grasping every inch of my skin until she was on my stomach, moving her hands around me like she was dancing.

Touching my skin like it was diamonds.

The sky was mimicking us, the clouds moving like lightning until they had wrapped around each other forming two into one.

I kissed her neck, pulling her towards me like I needed her. no. I "do" need her.

She pressed her fingers out into a tent over my lower stomach, slowly spreading them out like a spider's legs.

She continued to move her hands like they knew the choreography by heart.

She rubbed her fingers around your cooch like she knew your every pleasure point, touching your liquids, inhaling your body.

Your hands had frozen when she had moved closer but once you refocused, you placed them on her rounded breasts pressing a hand ever so slightly around one's bud.

Once she entered a finger into your body you flinched, grasping her breasts. She moaned as you did follow.

She began pumping faster, adding another finger as you continued to hold her breast, closing your eyes and realizing, not once before had you felt so much feeling for another person before.

"Amelia..." You whispered, running out of breath. Her frequency was like a river, and your walls were like the stones along side the bank.

"You're so beautiful." She whispered, caressing your cheek with a hand, pulling herself from you slowly. "Thank you."

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