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I thought about you way more than usual today.

I guess I've been feeling like you've needed someone to talk to. I've always felt like we had this connection between each other.

Where we can tell how the other feels, no matter how far we are or if we aren't even speaking. I can't be there for you, and I wouldn't if given the choice. It's not a good idea.

I just pray that you find your happiness and peace and yourself. I think I'll always think of you as my soul mate, just the one that I was never supposed to end up with.

The one who teaches me all the things love isn't and a little bit of what love is.

I know now that all the good ways you loved me were just a reflection of the ways I loved you, and maybe not just your love.

I believe so much more in myself and my love, and you are part of the cause to that effect. I loved everything that we had, but I love even more that it ended. I'm finally getting to know me.

Me without you, the me who loves herself completely. The Maia who only accepts what she deserves, and means what she says. The Maia who is strong, and happy and accepting.

The Maia who moves on and lets things go, the Maia who lets you go.

She, I am magnificent.

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