Eclipse: Totality

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maia333 Poetry is my tonic, my vice, my voice.
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All images are from my garden, lit by eclipsed sunlight!

A poem on the solar eclipse of 2017, along the path of totality.

Eclipse: Totality

When the moon smothered the sun, she was not the pale, ethereal, white stone that poets muse upon. She spilled across the sky, just as a puddle of thick, dark paint pours from a can, a smooth, encroaching bulge, inching out the light.

The receding rays of sun— filtered through lacy fingers of maples— splashed across the garden floor transforming dappled shadows into shapes of blurred crescents, finding their focus as the eclipse drew near. My feet in a field of half-moons.

Shadows bloomed in garden corners from ashen grey to deepest black, creeping, steadily, my way.

The softest bouquet of pink roses, washed in the waning sepia of a disappearing sun; a final spotlight, shone for them alone.

And when the rolling stone shut out the sun— Cold. Dark— A door shut that should not be. My naked eyes cast up, to gaze upon the space I have never seen, will never see, save for this moment of eclipse totality.

The garden sedated, by this drug of false-night, soothed by the lull of silence- the birds and winds settled, none to tussle her leaves awake- a brief pause. A held breath. As one does, leaning forward, rapt to hear whispered secrets.

And as the garden lies dazed by the spell of this astral dance, even I feel swept up by this meditative trance.

I begin to wonder, was it I, the roses, the birds— was it us who willed the stone to roll before the harshness of the sun, for a taste of sweet twilight, to play tricks on the light, to sway with the dark moon. Just for a moment, just for this false-night.

And as the rolling stone moved just past, the first poles of crescent light splashed through the leaves again. With nascent eyes, I watched: the shapes, the colors, the shifting circular puzzles dancing upon the garden floor.

A rooster’s harsh crow shattered the hazy silence; and a warm sepia stain spread across the garden again, waking her leaves and blossoms and birds, and me.

** As an aside- one of my favorite things about the eclipse was how shadows became crescent shaped. On the next two slides, I will show how the shapes changed direction before and after the eclipse- you may need to toggle a time or two. Nerd fun :).

** And just for fun, heres my dog helping me out. Good girl.

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