A CLOUD rolled by.
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maia333 Poetry is my tonic, my vice, my voice.
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Page after page of literary caviar.

A CLOUD rolled by.

Today, I rolled up my sleeves, Stretched out my fingers, and dug both hands deep into my mind. With all of my might, I yanked out an idea — against her very will.

And now she lies limp on the carpet before me. So I nudge her side with my foot, really pushing my weight into it. But she slumps back like a tired old dog.

Full of defeat, I crawl into bed and revisit an old book, who is much more attentive to my needs.

I nibbled the deliciously creative contents of each page. Page after page of literary caviar. Insightful. Brilliant. And right when I least suspect it— bang!

An idea splashed into the room, all hue and chaos! A living mosaic. A jigsaw of thoughts. Moving and shifting, a pleasure massaging the mind.

Emerald greens, buttercup yellows and vibrant pinks— juxtaposed about the room, like prisms of sun beams thrust through stained glass.

How can I gather all of this light before I lose the sun?

**Not really sure what this is. Just wanted to write something :). Thanks for reading.

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