The pizza guy ( part 4 )
The pizza guy ( part 4 )  redvelvet stories

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hope you like this one and thank you everybody for the admiration till now , if u haven't read the other parts , please check them out , thank you dear readers really that made me happy <3<3<3

The pizza guy ( part 4 )

I ( Irene ) called the delivery service , after a while the pizza guy knocked on our door , slow heavy taps , Yeri rushed in to open it and we were around her scrutinizing him .....

he smiled as he handed her the pizza , I could see that his cheeks hurt because of the intensity of his permanent facial expression that he had to keep in order to please us ....

we asked him to stay , to be our guest for today , he looked like a guy that would agree to our proposal , our eyes were shining like the eyes of a homeless hungry cat moaning for food.....

we leaned our bodies to look more girly and gathered our both hands together and begged , we squinted his name that was written on a badge hang on the left side of his t-shirt precisely on his chest , that put pressure on him , therefore he didn't refuse .....

besides that our beauty never failed to attract pizza guys , we were staring at him with an ominous look but as soon as he turned to face us , we grinned , we introduced ourselves and then.....

we suggested to play peek a boo , we ran through the halls after him , he liked it and I knew he was a really bad boy , he laughed , we made him sit on our piano , he was astonished and confused since we were curving around him like he was some sort of a sacrifice to the devil....

It was time for the eating contest with tied eyes and arms , we acquiesced that the last would be punished by others but soon as he was indulgent in the race by savagely eating the green jelly , we untied ourselves .

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