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can't get enough of Markhyuck! <3 I love them, hope you love this one! bye, hmm, I wish for you a good day!<3

Sent for love_introduction

Hi, Well, it's a fanfiction, Mark -lonely, sensitive, yet introverted. -Job is still unknown; I have no idea, lol! -he had too many toxic relationships. -he's 21 yrs old

Haechan -Nerd, religious. -A great college student -dissatisfied with his current life. -younger than Mark, he's 19 yrs old SO, YOU'RE READY=>

Mark POV: Nobody cares about me anymore, I'm all alone now, I checked my phone and there were no messages for me, not a single one, everybody forgets about me as soon as they are busy with their lives and I don't mind ...

I actually want them to know that I haven't died yet, that I'm alive after all. I'm upset and mad at myself. People don't like me for a reason and that reason must be me. I better go drown myself with self-pity, I'm already a sensitive pathetic loser, so, why not!

Haechan POV: The damn exams, I should be enjoying my youth, get a nice guy as my boyfriend but yet, I have to study and for what! To be up to their expectations, I'm so sick of how high they are, it's literally a pain in the ass! ...

I know deep down that life is more than a grade or a degree, and I'll regret wasting it later since time wouldn't stop for a desperate nerd student like me. "I have to!", it's a lie but it gives you purpose, and life with a purpose is bearable. ...

I wish to fall in love, is it too hard, god! Make me fall in love, I pray for you every single day but to be fair, you saved me from the bullies last day, it was really something and I'm so glad.

Too short, I know but short things are exciting, you long for more which is great for me, lol! So, that was an introduction, the first chapter, hope you liked it and I think I'm gonna publish this ff on whatppad too cuz why not, I have nothing to do! luv yah to the next chapter, dear reader <3

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