My prince ||part13|| Renhyuck //NCT FF
My prince ||part13|| Renhyuck //NCT FF nct stories

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Haechan is a college dropout because he lacks financial support, his co-workers make fun of the fact that he's still a virgin and single at his age.
He's too bored with his usual life and their infinite silly jokes, and he would do anything to prove them wrong.
He met an arrogant guy with unbearable behaviors, he might seem unlikable, let's see!

My prince ||part13|| Renhyuck //NCT FF

~Renjun POV~ I hid behind the bushes. I saw him cry as he was talking on the phone. I worked hard to see him smile and now this! I promised that whoever was the reason behind that was going to pay the price.

I have to know who he was on the phone with. Sorry bae, I might break your privacy!

* It's night, Haechan is going home for sure where the younger was waiting for him.*

"Hi, babe!" I hugged him and then led him to bed, where I asked him to sit. I took his bag and put it in the next room. "Babe, can you wait here? I actually have a surprise for you. You have to stay here or I'll be mad."

I rushed to the other room looking for the bag I left there. I found his phone as expected. I went to the recent messages: MOM Answer your phone, it's urgent.

But what was urgent? And how that could make him angry and sad at the same time? Maybe his family is in trouble, big trouble. I should help. "Baaaabe, where are you? I'm tired of waiting!" Haechan shouted from the other room.

I pushed the dinner table I prepared; it took me some time to cook the food, but it was an easy mission. I guess my education is paying off. He was touched since he was a passionate guy. What a cutie!

"The candles are another level" "Yup, I'm on the next level, yeah!" "You're watching too much Kpop." he smirked. "Probably, that's why I'm too cute that you can't get your hands off me, I guess." "Shut up... cutie!" He hugged me.

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