Lunatics( part 5 )
Lunatics( part 5 ) murder stories

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this part is for you , dear readers , enjoy ! and thank youuuuu <3<3<3

Lunatics( part 5 )

They were found dead , stabbed several times around the neck and in the heart , their corpses laid on the bed ; blue skin , cold , blood drops were all over their faces , they became sticky , mommy and daddy were totally dirty .......

cringed forehead , astonished eyebrows , wide reddish eyes , opened mouths . They were terrorized , tortured , persecuted , killed and then left barely alive to suffer the throes of their death , for me .....

all that seemed like a glitch in my system , now I'm an orphan and so is my sister , nothing but a burden on society as we were before on mommy and daddy , we'll be treated like bugs till one of us gets more stronger and that one is obviously going to be me , It just can't be her , she's......

clumsy , silly and childish , she cried all day like a baby since nobody will call her " my favorite daughter " again , she was alone , I shuffled next to her , the right side of mommy and daddy's bad , I whispered in her little ear " sister ! , It's me and you from now on " she cringed and then......

then she became more hysterical than she was before , that girl has despised me . The police came , they passed through all that garbage in the house , I can tell that they were shocked because nobody could live in here besides us .....

they started asking me , I acted like any other little innocent girl , my sister played the same boring role , an ugly crier . We don't know anything about our destiny which made my stomach turning somersault but one thing for sure.....

mommy and daddy wouldn't go to a good place , after all I'm the one that killed for a reason !.

Dear reader , it's going to be more exciting and what is really interesting is that you don't have any idea about what it's next therefore , keep reading lunatics parts and if you're new , please check out the other parts ! to my dear readers LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU

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