Lunatics( part 3 )
Lunatics( part 3 )   family stories

mahaer17058338 F*ck life 💖
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did she really kill that cat ? or maybe , the cat was ill , read and tell me what do you think ;) <3<3<3

Lunatics( part 3 )

We had a cat , her name was Kathie , she could talk to me , I'm the only one that she could understand her ........

before her death , she told me that she was sick and she wanted to lay in the drawer , that was her will ......

I have been calm since then , and I have always checked on her , she didn't want to eat or drink ...

my other twin Is blaming me for Kathie's death but why I would be the reason for that so ....

me , my other twin , daddy and mommy , we made a funeral for her somewhere next to the house ....

we dug a proper whole , we wore black clothes and we curried flowers , I didn't cry but I was really sad .

One another part and we're going to be close to the twist , so keep reading dear reader the next part ! , I promise you better ones in the future ;) LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR READING " Lunatics" !

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