Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 4 )
Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 4 )  thriller stories

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Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 4 )

' help me !' , those words cast a spell on poor Natalia , she looked around and she noticed men coming from one of the many halls raining toward their spot with mischievous faces , striving through the crowds .....

her eyes got wide , everything was blur except the useless guy , she couldn't move for a while , her mind stopped functioning but then the survival instinct has rescued her and she had to thank the unexpected human nature later .....

she got on her bike , " get on , hurry !" she bravely said , his hands reached the carrier , she had to cycle with her fullest modest strength , her legs started to ache , she was afraid that at any moment , she would collapse , the men would capture them and it wasn't even her business....

they arrived in an empty place , a dirty hole where where garbage and homeless people of the city have existed hanging out in their repulsive community that authority has ignored for a very long time .....

" they wouldn't think of coming here , I guess we're safe , mister whoever who " she squinted while leaning on the wall , one eye in and the other was out staring at the street , the guy surrendered to the fatigue , he crossed his legs not caring about the mud and other things .....

" Who are you ? Why are they running after you ? " she snarled with strict figure , " I'm Edward , you don't need to know my last name since I'm nobody , I mean I'm not that much of an importance " he scoffed , Natalia was mad more than ever ......

" my lady , don't get mad at me.... actually I've stole something from them , something too expensive and worthy , their diamonds " , Natalia was astonished and Edward was in his tricky dreams world , " where are they ? maybe we can get'em back to them and then they would stop bothering you , I'm sure we can find a way " .....

" actually , I've ate them and they wouldn't come from me soon " Edward ashamed of her " what ? " .

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