Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 1 )
Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 1 )  thriller stories

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after being so empty that's what I got , hope you like it <3

Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 1 )

It's a normal day , more normal than it supposed to be , it increased her worries turning her stable draw of emotions to horrifying dark grimace , mme Natalia has been called several times by her daughters and her husband ' crazy ' .....

she was done with their insensitivity , their crucial scold " get you sh*t together ! " , it was not like they didn't care about her , they have loved her but not enough to believe her , she decided to stop telling them about what she has been seeing even though ....

sometimes , she couldn't bear the intensity of horror and the anxiety of the consequent nightmares , the smell of her sweat and the urine on her pajama , they've chased her everywhere , she could touch their gaze and she could feel them too .....

one look at them floating upon her head mumbling hurtful things that she has only known about , rivers of blood would sweep on her delicate cheeks , her eyes would hurt as if they were harshly snatched , she felt lonely looking at her inevitable oblivion .....

at the most desperate moments , she thought that it would be better if she would hold on to her sheets but after every unspoken stroke , they didn't seem white as they were the other day , she had to wash them , again and again .....

she needed to get exhausted , at least the voices would stop in her little head , she went running to the obscurity where she felt soothed , more calm , she didn't care whether she looked like a monster or not , she got off the edge of insanity ......

she knew that she had to think how she could redeem herself from all that pressure and somehow she was hoping that they would see what she has seen , maybe then , they could be saved from the unwanted guests .

hmm , I wanted to write a thriller short story and it would be filled with crazy surprises , lol that depends on my dark mind :\ anyway if you're curious about if Natalia was crazy or not , don't wait for the next part , just kidding :P thank you for reading this piece of garbage lol STaY sAfe ! goodbye <3

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