Fall for you again( part 8) ||Markhyuck|| NCT FF
Fall for you again( part 8) ||Markhyuck|| NCT FF markhyuck stories

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Fall for you again( part 8) ||Markhyuck|| NCT FF

Haechan pulled himself away from Mark as everything was wrong; unhealthy ripples got to his guilty heart as he was aware of the cheated on pain caused by someone who meant to you a lot, that has been loyal to you from the beginning. It's just too much to bear. ...

It took him one entire year to get over Mark, a hard year. He couldn't picture his recent boyfriend getting through the same things he got through. He cut the intimate moment, holding his head in disbelief. He nudged the older as he was trying to reach him one more time. ...

"Learn your limits, Mr. Mark Lee!" He lost his temper on the persisting ex-boyfriend. Minhyung determinedly untied the panicked man's crossed arms, fixing them on the wall. "Look at me, you.still.love.me! Admit it!" with an honest, serious tone. ...

"No, I don't!" shrugged, looking somewhere but Mark's figure. Simba directed Haechan's face toward him, lifting his chin higher, for his eyes to meet his. The glittery lenses were already speaking books, but the lips couldn't spell one tiny word, "yes". ...

Someone was about to break and enter their sinned cage. "Get out, assholes! Right now!" aggressively shouted. It was a furious guy with upsetting features, scary dull eyebrows that could beat anyone right away. As his face turned boiled red, they ran off, unconsciously holding their hands. ...

They escaped all the noise, feeling exhausted and heavy. "I can't be with you ... I just can't" he firmly declared in the middle of their sarcastic common smirk. "Got yah, Haechanie, I won't push on you so much!" running his hand through the younger's soft honey hair. ...

The awkwardness of the situation stuttered them, made them obligated to stay put until one of them talk in order to set them free. "Can I ask you for something?" "Yeah, sure!" the brunette nodded. ...

"Can we do our handshake!" They didn't care if they seemed childish, braggers, or insane, it was just what made them soulmates for new; the expressed harmony, the alternated moves, the smooth flow, and the calming order.

Hi, hope you're fine and that you liked this part! What's gonna happen next? Well, if you're curious, don't wait for the next part, hehe. BYE, LUV U<3

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