Eternity ( the ending )
Eternity ( the ending ) jenlisa stories

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well , it's the ending , hope u'll like it , thank u and love u all <3<3<3

Eternity ( the ending )

As Jinnie was sleeping next to Lisa putting one arm on her shoulder , Lisa turned on her back , she was wondering why she was still awake , maybe she fall in love but not with the girl next to her on the other side of the bad .....

it was unfair for both of them so she decided to tell Jennie the next morning what was exactly all about , she already felt the awkwardness , the tension , the breakup . The awaited moment has come too soon , she asked Jinnie to sit on the table then she shrugged " I think I'm in love with someone else " ......

Jinnie was shocked " whaaaat ?..." , she remained silent for a while processing what Lisa said , It was hard to tell if she was mad , sad or jealous but Lisa avoided any kind of eye contact with her putting her head down whenever she felt anxious and ashamed ....

Jinnie took a breath in , she calmed down and then asked with sad eyes " may I know who ? " Lisa looked at her and leaned her head toward the window " Chichu sanbaenim !" , she tenderly smiled as she realized that she has just said the name of her lover and Jinnie noticed that ....

Lisa acquainted " I think I should leave !" , she was rushed as she got out of the door , she badly wanted to go to Jisoo and tell her about her feelings , she was excited , she wanted to hear her calling her hottie one more time , she came to work ...

she broke in to the boss's office , she looked for Jisoo but she wasn't there , she asked everyone around but no one had an idea where she may be , at the end of day , Lisa somehow gave up on finding her , while everyone left , she entered the office .....

she sat on Jisoo's chair , she was disappointed and sad because of her incomplete love story then she noticed a note on a little square white paper just like the one that Jisoo sent her before " goodbye hottie , who knows , maybe you'll see me again !? " .

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