Eternity ( part 7 )
Eternity ( part 7 )  blackpink stories

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a kiss ? maybe ! haha find out by yourself dear reader , i hope u'll like it thank u and please check out the previous parts if u haven't and thanks to u all , it means a lot to me <3<3<3

Eternity ( part 7 )

" hottie !" , a tender's strike clouded in Lisa's stomach , she pushed herself away from Jisoo , on the other hand Jisoo drew an ominous smirk on her face , she confirmedly shrugged " okkey hottie , you're not going home " .....

Lisa was surprised as she murmured " what about my girlfriend ?" , that question teased Jisoo , It steamed her nerves , she turned around and pushed Lisa on the wall , she surrounded her by her left arm tightly posed against the wall.....

she gathered up her jealousy in a form of a deep breath then she exclaimed " what did you say ?" , her face got more closer to Lisa's , she could feel Jisoo's sensation , she felt lost in her beautiful skin and the smell of her perfume , the freshness of mint coming from her mouth....

for a moment , Lisa was frightened but then she felt a strange fickle feeling , butterflies were dancing in her stomach that made her want to smile , a heat pushing her to put her lips against Jisoo's lips , the magnet is pulling her more and more....

a suffocating obstinacy was getting harder but then Jisoo abruptly asked " do you still want to go home !" Jisoo squinted , an O form shaped on Lisa's mouth made her comeback to her inevitable reality " Chichu sanbaenim ! , I'm you're servant " .....

" we're going to a party but before that , you're going with me to my palace ", Lisa looked confused then Jisoo acquainted " don't look at me like that , you need to change up your clothes hottie !" , Lisa seemed relieved....

as Jisoo walked away by some feet from Lisa , Lisa secretly shouted out of excitement , she has always wanted to go a fancy party and the thought of the borrowed dress that she couldn't afford not a by million years was fantastical but ....

she was aware that she had to be cautious , God knew what Chichu sanbaenim was planning for her therefore she sneaked to the bathroom and called her girlfriend Jinnie to comfort her telling her why she wouldn't make it there today .

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