By chance ~part 1~
By chance ~part 1~ namjin stories

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that was for fun , armies be nice haha

By chance ~part 1~

~JIN~ I woke up late , I drank last night with my best friend Jungkook , we work at the same company too , I couldn't refuse since he was the one that called me , I couldn't remember how I got home but I was sure that flashbacks will struck in front of my eyes at any moment...

so I took a rushed shower , it didn't go the way I wanted , it happened every time when I'm late , the universe was turning against me , I wore my suit without a tie and I knew that I'll be scolded by my boss that is very strict about the dress code ...

anyway , it really took a long time to fix it and I was nervous and though my hands were shaking , I brushed my hair backward , the way that showed my bright forehead , before I left , I've sent a flying a kiss to me because I deserved it for looking that handsome...

I was looking for a cab across the street , not far away from my home , I waved at the sight of one , I smiled as I was satisfied that I'll finally go my way , I pulled the door and suddenly something hit me , everything went fast ....

at the end I realized that someone swooped in my cab , a young man , small intense eyes , I could distinguish them though he was wearing glasses , clean pure cheeks and tricky lips , he turned to me and then he snarled 'ooh !__can you let go of the door , I'm in a rush ?!!"....

I was surprise by his shameless reaction so I snarled back ' heeyy__that's unbelievable__how dare you take my cab and act like that ?!!_get out nnnoww mister cuz I'm not leaving it that easy ', I left him almost speechless ....

he scanned every inch of the cab avoiding any social contact with me , I was inpatient and the next thing was out of control , I laid down a bit and pulled his sleeve , the suit was Armani but I didn't care if I ruined it , he resisted me and after a short while....

I was falling on him , my face got close to his , it was like we were about to kiss , he kept staring at me with his unusual wide eyes not believing what exactly did happen and even me I lost truck on the events but one thing for sure my foolishness was the main reason , I felt frozen , it was just me and him ....

It was awkward and sweet at the same time and then flashbacks about last night popped into my head .

It was just for fun but I hope that you like it . If you're curious about the flashbacks then don't wait for the next part ... just kidding ! thank you if you read it and I would be happy if you tell me in the comments how you find it . STAY SAFE ! ;) bye

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