By chance ~ part 5 ~
By chance ~ part 5 ~  namjin stories

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hope you like it and be nice haha <3

By chance ~ part 5 ~

~narrator~ What happened exactly that night , Jin was almost unconscious , Namjoon consequently asked him to know where he lives since he couldn't leave him there laying his head on the table helplessly .....

he knew deep down that Jin would be a trouble but he supposed to handle him or he wouldn't sleep peacefully , he succeeded at getting some words out of him , they wasn't clear but they were enough , Namjoon held Jin's arm and said " Okey champ , it is time for you to go home !" ....

Jin resigned himself to Namjoon putting his whole weight on his shoulders , he curried him to the outside , he got him in his car , precisely next to him , Jin leaned to the door and Namjoon put his seat belt on , while he was driving , he peeked , from time to time at drunk Jin that was sleeping like a kid that has missed his bed time....

after a short while , they've arrived , Namjoon threw Jin on his own bed , he turned around and he was about to leave till Jin held his hand , he seemed awake , he told him " don't ...don't leave ! ..can't you stay with me ?!!" , Namjoon was confused and suddenly Jin pulled him..

he was somehow strong , he was to close to Jin , their eyes were moving right and left checking each other's feature and feeling weak and more attracted with every perishable breath....

Jin's lips touched Namjoon's , It was too quick to feel like it was a warning for more , as they were thirsty , the second time was more passionate , Namjoon has known well how to kiss , one thing lead to another , Jin took off Namjoon's shirt as it was bothering him , It was the most erotic scene ever .....

Namjoon asked Jin to lean to the headboard and everything flipped to madness , they both struggled as they were burning up , they couldn't stand the fire but they were already consumed , swallowed by the incarnation of themselves .

I know !!! :o if you wan't to know what's next , don't wait for the next part , just kidding :P thank you for reading it , I hope you like it but I'm a bit insecure that I doubt that haha , anyway , it would make me happy if you tell me your opinion ! STAY SAFE ! GOODBYE <3

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