Made from Myth
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You were crafted by gods.

Made from Myth

You were crafted by gods.

Zeus struck down a ferocious bolt of lightening,

The electricity resurrected your pulse-

Your leadership was born.

Poseidon's tidal wave licked you clean,

The salt cleansing your soul-

Until all that was left was justice.

Hades engulfed you in a swift flame,

The heat of it burning away your sin-

A sense of morality left sizzling in your core.

Ares' spear pierced your fragile heart,

The cowardice hiding there expunged-

A war cry sounding from your mouth.

Athena's blade cut down your ego,

The gaping wound a small price to pay-

For the wisdom that took its place.

Apollo's purifying light filled your darkness,

The blinding brightness tamed your tenacity-

And softening you with the emotions of art.

Aphrodite's gentle caress awakened your desire

The expert hands molding your body like clay-

Your beauty blooming like a flower.

You were crafted by gods.

Do not disappoint.

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