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magnalia until the end of sunshine
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The Common People : part : 6.

Well, I am not much into writing this today, but I hadn't posted for a while, so I made a short part. I am sorry 😞

The Common People.

"Aren't you, Dr. Corax?", the girl asked amused.

Amon nodded, his mind was far away, on the messages on his phone.

'I am Hanna, the editor, of Assassi-Nation'

'I am really in no mood for reporters, please excuse me Amon said walking away.

Hanna wondered why people always left her hanging alone, and sighed.

'Don't worry, you will meet him again' Falon said patting Hanna's back. 'I have decided to help, him with his case.'

'I am not a criminal lawyer, but Julia is, so she will help him out' She added, as they both headed towards her car.

Julia, gave Daniel a thumbs up, as she signaled him, to go inside the police headquarters.

She had been interested in these sucide killings, long before Falon had called her.

More like, she now had a reason to investigate these cases further.

Daniel entered the headquarters, and luckily, encountered, the officers working on the case, right at the entrance.

'I am a private investigator, and I might have some information that you might need, about your case, could you perhaps be interested?'

He fluently spoke the well rehearsed lines, and almost thanked his fate, for being the criminal lawyer, Julia's assistant.

Emmy was stunned on the spot.

First, a truck had tried to kill her, then she was at gun point, and now she was standing all alone in her office, with the fire alarm creating a shrill noise.

Catriona had rushed inside, and pulled Beatrice out, by the elbow.

Beatrice was shocked for a while. Catriona was not supposed to be here.

Catriona looked at Beatrice and urged her to run, while there still was time. She would give her a good lecture later on, if they still had time.

The man walked inside the hospital, as if he knew every corner of the hospital.

He knew as always what he had to do, so he walked leisurely.

He knew as always what he had to do, so he walked leisurely. Just as he reached, the room where she was kept, he noticed the girl, pacing outside the room.

She could be an eye witness, rather, she was not supposed to be in the plan. He thought.

Well, it was only going to end up being bad for her.......

I am sorry, I am not much into writing this today. But, I hadn't written for a while now, so I made a short part. Hope, you liked it. à bientôt.

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