The Common People.



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The Common People : part : 4

The Common People.

Grace, smiled at Cat, and handed her the request letter.

'Its once again, an unknown request, however, this time its for Beatrice, and not you.' She said, thoughtfully observing Catriona's face.

Catriona, nodded and left the office. She hadn't been getting, much requests since, she had brought Beatrice in the business.

Well, it had been rumored that, the attack on Dr. Ayesha, was done, by Beatrice. But, no one knew for sure, because, the clients information is always kept confidential.

Also, it was a kidnapping request, not murder. Catriona did not know, what had been requested, but she knew, Beatrice couldn't kill someone.

Tashi, sat in the headquarters, lost in thought.

Tashi, sat in the headquarters, lost in thought. Her head hurt badly, the painkillers weren't helping, the situation she was in.

Firstly, she had been present during the, so called sucide attempt, of Dr. Ayesha.

Secondly, she was working on the same case, with Chinmay.

And, now, Dr. Corax had brought up, a weird Latin message for them, that did not make sense.

'So, this is what it means?' Chinmay asked Tashi, scratching his head.

He couldn't make head or tails of what the message was trying to point at. He was sure, that Dr. Corax, was just playing a game with them, messages and all.

And had even tried writing the message down, yet it made no sense. Especially, the last part.

Beatrice knew, she shouldn't be doing this, yet she had no option. She had to follow, that lovestruck human, in her office, she just had too.

She looked at the man, at the desk, and put on her lovely smile, as a thick veil, and asked for the musician 'Emmy.'

Beatrice, was the one, who had rushed the truck past, Emmy, that morning. Somehow, she had survived unscathed.

This time she won't.

She took hold of her gun, in her jacket, as she approached Emmy's office.

Emmy, was still shook by the morning accident, when the girl with chocolatey brown hair and vengeance filled eyes, entered her office.

Emmy, got up shocked, when she noticed she was at the gun point. She couldn't even cry for help. Her life was seriously, turning into a huge mess.....

Hailey, entered her apartment quietly, hoping that weird man would not hear her, coming in.

She made to her room, with silent footsteps, and locked the room.

She looked at the pills, in the bag, and sighed. She missed the childhood days, when she would have spent the summer sipping cherry coke.

Just as she was getting nostalgic, she heard her door open. She knew, she had locked the door.

It was the weird man. Hailey, had no idea what he would do.

Her only escape, was the window. She tried her best to reach, the window, when he grabbed her hand.

Hailey struggled, and threw the bag, on his face, as a last survival attempt.

She did not much remember what happened next, but she jumped out of the window.

The cold air, hit her face, making her realise, her apartment was six stories high. Still, it felt nice, dying you know, she hoped she would die.

'Please take my case', Amon requested Falon.

Falon looked at him, with eyes as cold as grave. Dr. Corax, had lost his mind. No case was even filled against him yet. Also, she was not a criminal lawyer.

'I cannot, Dr. Corax, I have told you, before' Falon said trying her best to apologize.

Falon wondered why, he was so sure he was going to get caught up in this mess. Also, she had a meeting with her friend Julia, she had to leave soon, and he was making her late.

She did not know, how to tell him, to calm down. He was the psychologist, not her.

Savannah looked up at the sky.

It was going to rain. Rain, reminded her of Kaira.

Kaira, always loved taking care of others, she was a good friend. Yet, now she was not here, with her anymore. How sad it was, that God always took the good people with him.

Sierra had gone to work with Eram, so she was alone today, somehow she knew, something bad was going to happen.

Tesa, sat at her piano, and listened to the dulcet music, she was playing.

It was going to rain soon. The clouds were going to finally cry on the gaping frozen earth. While the earth, waited, for its touch......

Alana was really excited, about her working together with, Emmy. She was literally skipping, like a little girl, as she made to Emmy's office.

Just as she was turning around the corner she noticed her. The famous, girl they called Cat.

Her predatory, inky black eyes, made Alana sure, it was her itself. But, why was an assassin in the building? Alana turned around and rushed for the security.

Catriona, had followed Beatrice on pure instinct, and she was shocked by what she saw. So shocked, that even the letter in her hand, now lay crumpled on the floor..........

To be continued....... Tell me if you like it!! Any guesses who the killer is? (I am sure, not) Keep reading!! à bientôt

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