The Martians
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An idea I had about the 'existence' of aliens on Mars

The Martians

I'm not sure you can see us even if you visit us on Mars because our existence is confusing.

I have existed for so long. I existed even before your Jesus was born. It is hard to pinpoint the date because time is hard here.

One day I wasn't there, the next I was.

I have had plenty of time to think about it so I will try to explain.

I used to think I was born one day, like all animals on earth but that didn't make any sense. I am not a 'who' or 'what'. I am not complete enough to be either of those.

I am a mere idea, an imagination.

It is quite simple to understand. I existed the day someone believed I did.

Have you ever believed in aliens? If your belief was strong enough, I'm sure another one of my likes was born.

Born is the wrong word to describe it but I don't know how else to. There are simply not enough words in your vocabulary to help me put it all into words.

Do you believe in the gods? I do not mean capital 'G' God. I mean the gods from the ancient lores. Whether you do or do not, they exist in some way or another.

Gods exist as long as humanity remembers them, believes in them.

It is the same with us Martians.

The day the whole of humanity will cease to remember the gods, they will perish. And the day humanity as a whole stops believing in aliens, we will disappear too.

It feels wrong even now to describe my being here as existence because existence is confusing.

I am not whole. I simply am because you believe me to be. I have such a vast knowledge of the cosmos simply because you believe me to be the 'higher intelligence'.

There are so many others of my like. Each of us differs just as much as your beliefs.

We do not feel the warmth of the sun or the cold. We do not breathe like you do. We just are.

But I do feel exhausted. I have no purpose to fulfil. No person to love. No possession to cherish.

I have existed for so long.

And I will keep existing for even longer.

I wish I had the ability to rest but you simply didn't believe I could.

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