I Am What I Make Myself - Ky
I Am What I Make Myself - Ky poems stories

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This is my first poem to post! I hope someone sees it and enjoys it, and I hope this will maybe help someone feel empowered in some way! Please comment your thoughts, and I hope it wasn't too long! :)

I Am What I Make Myself - Ky

I am a ship

stubbornly staying afloat in the crashing waves of life that threaten to engulf

I am like a trick candle

being blown out and igniting once again as the world marvels

I hold my life in the palm of my hands

I am the moon

shining for those I love even in the blackest of nights

I am as versatile as the wind

raging and whirling one day and a gentle breeze the next

I can be a thousand different people at once

I am a bird in a cage

yearning to escape and fly like nature intended but forced to wait for the key

I am like a sudden drizzle

unnoticed until your feet get wet

I am like a sudden wildfire

unnoticed until everything is ablaze

I am a pen

altering the world just a bit with every line

I could shatter or revive the world with a single breath

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