Always, Lily A Harry Potter fan fiction
Always, Lily 
A Harry Potter fan fiction  harry potter stories

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Always, Lily A Harry Potter fan fiction

The shrill whistle blew at eleven o'clock and Lily Evans watched from her window seat as the remainder of students said a final goodbye to their families as they boarded the Hogwarts Express. She watched as younger brothers and sisters ogled at the scarlet steam train as it began to puff steam in clouds above their heads. It took a tremendous effort to suppress an eye roll as Veronica Hewton practically howled and clutched at her mother who sniffled into a handkerchief. It was the same show each year and Lily fought off the corners of a smile. You would have thought that entering the fifth year would have matured her a bit more, but evidently not. Even some of the second years were sniggering behind their hands as they boarded the Hogwarts Express. It wasn't until one of the guards tapped her on the shoulder and gestured towards the steadily awakening train that she bid a final farewell and climbed aboard, a tissue pressed to her face. If she didn't behave like such an unpleasant, spoilt brat all the time she might even have felt sorry for her. Maybe. The compartment door swung open with a bang as Severus inched his trunk into the confined space and hoisted it into the luggage rack above their heads. His brown owl hooted in greeting to Lily's own snowy owl, Petra. "Good summer?" Asked Severus with a crooked smile. Lily returned it without hesitation. The question was ironic, she had spent almost every day in his company - much to Tuny's annoyance. 'Reasonably good, as far as summers can go,' she replied. "And yourself?" Severus shrugged and slumped down in the seat opposite hers. "It was.... adequate."He smirked again before taking out his wand and polishing it on the end of his robes. A spurt of green stars shot out the end. This was why Lily liked Severus. From the first moment she had met him beneath the sycamore tree when they were children, there had been a naturalness and ease to their conversations. They could sit for hours, each engrossed in their own tasks and yet never feel awkward or imposing. Severus was like her brother; the yin to her yang. They were practically family. She just wished everyone else would see it that way. "What's the matter?" Asked Severus, stuffing his wand back into the depths of his robes. 'What've I done?' "It's nothing," said Lily as she mentally shook herself and smiled slightly. Bringing up Potter and his posse would only serve to make Severus broody. She had learnt that a long time ago. The train gave a final whistle before jolting into life. She watched as those left on the platform waved and shouted farewells as the train pulled steadily away from the station. A lone dog ran alongside the train, panting as it gathered speed and then disappearing entirely as they rounded a corner.

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