The White Maiden (Part 1)
The White Maiden (Part 1) marvel stories

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A tragic love story of Loki God of Mischief and Lethie the White Maiden (oc), in the style of a northern myth.

The White Maiden (Part 1)

A tragic love story of Loki God of Mischief and Lethie the White Maiden (oc), in the style of a northern myth.

One day two dwellers of Asgard, Loki the God of Mischief, and Lethie the Maiden White, found their hearts entwined.

But not so sweetly like two hands interlocking, but like thorny vines scraping up against a stone wall, ensnaring and destroying what dares enter its path.

It was a peaceful day in the golden city of Asgard that Loki came upon the tormented Lethie, sister of Sif.

Her hair was like that of her sister's in lightness, but the color was much whiter, almost as white as the ice of Jotunheim.

But most of all he marveled at her eyes that were as pale as white clouds and winter snow.

Altogether, one might mistake her as a wisp wandering Asgard, if she did not wear such dark clothes and hold such stern flickering shadows within her gaze.

Stirred by her strange beauty, Loki approached the mournful maiden, who sat in the golden house with the simple and fair Iduna, the gardener of the Apples of Youth,

who tried to bring happiness into Lethie's heart.

Her efforts were in vain, however, for nothing could break the wall of sorrow surrounding Lethie's heart, a wall as strong as the mason Svadilfare's work.

Frail Lethie was burdened with an empty, cavernous, and lonely soul.

A great curiosity overcame him and so Loki stepped through the door, a boyish glimmer in his eyes as he stared at the sniffling woman, "I would ask what sadness has been wrought upon you,

fair lady?"

"There are none in all the realms who might understand this plague of anger and sorrow within me."

Loki felt as if this was her challenge to him, "Dear girl! You must know you speak to Loki Odinson - I know much and many things.

Come walk with me, and we will see if I cannot unravel your troubles."

Intrigued by his offer she went with him and they walked arm in arm together through Iduna's garden.

He began, "Strange how I have only ever seen you until now. Do you hide from Asgard and its people?"

"Alas I have always been amongst you all, but O! My sister, Sif, wife of Thor the Strong, has always been most loved by the people.

Her beauty and kindness has shined such a bright light that I am forced into its shadow. I have been lost with the darkness of my jealousy,"

Loki took a long look at the troubled, beautiful Lethie, and smiled. Confused, Lethie broke free from his arm,

"You are no different, Loki, I see. I was naive to think you would understand, but you simply tease me like the rest!"

She wept and fled to the shade of an apple tree, returning to her mournful state. But Loki followed,

"You know not what I was about to say!"

Lethie decided to give him one more chance and turned to face him under the tree, her eyes sparkling with tears. Loki took her hands gently in his,

"I smile not to tease you, but to laugh! You know not what beauty you have, what radiance lies within you.

You sulk in Sif's shadow when you might shine your own bright light, one that rivals even hers. Your light burns in a different way, a better way.

The heart in you is dark and wounded, but I swear, I can mend it if you let me, dear Lethie of Shadows."

Lethie's heart stirred, its hard cold walls finally falling down. Loki had won her challenge.

Immediately a change came over her; the tears in her eyes finally left, and a smile curved her lips for the first time, and The Asgardian poets say that, on that day,

the wolves Skol and Hati aligned to cast a shadow on Earth in the same way that Loki and Lethie's hearts crossed to cast a shadow on Asgard. For little good came of the pairing, as we will tell.

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