Lost forever
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magdalenedrew Temper is the enemy you choose urself
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Will they meet after 10years

Lost forever

i stormed in my room my face with marks of tears , my phone tightly clutched in my hand , my handkerchief all wet and my bestie comforting me . "Oh sash! how could he be so rude .......

will he not part with me for one last time ?"i said hugging her

"oh mag he has to leave washington after all he is so very famous" said sasha

"i know bt he is my only partner after aunt carol died i love him so much i think he is only tired of my scribbling "

"cmon Magdalene Drew doesn't cry you are the successful author of the "Rainbow children" and if he's tired of ur writing he better be tired of me playing the guitar"

i stopped shedding tears and decided if he doesnt come ill not see his face .......... There were continuous knocks on the door and finally a note slipped written:


Justin Bieber


find out in the next chapter whether they meet again.............

                                                                [ten years later in LA , University of Southern California Principal's office] "good morning miss Drew you'll be glad to know im a fan of "rainbow children" and specially Freddie i really love it"

"thank you sir" "I have examined your documents and am pleased with your qualifications you will be teaching Journalism to the first years begin from tomorrow now leave"

Thank You" As i walked down the street i heard Sasha she was in front of my door She asked me whether i would be going to the international books award organised by a bookstall when i said a yes she said she will tell me something not today but tomorrow in the award show................................

On the big night i wore a red gown ...........it was my night . I enjoyed the party and wondered what was sash's surprise. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a saying "the best character of the era goes to Salwina Kirke for edward,freddie,samantha,estelle the rainbow children" i couldn't believe a word when a colleague pinched me and said "i suppose you're salwina isn't it mag?"

I went up to the stage to receive the prize and started a speech which I could not complete because of sudden terror…………..

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