Color of My Skin
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Color of My Skin

By Linea

You don’t understand

How can you not see?

My skin is blue

It’s inside of me

The grief is in my heart

The misery in my soul

The choking in my blood

The sadness taking hold

Don’t you see it, don’t you see it

It’s resting on my skin

I’m shining bright blue

Yet no one thinks it’s somethin new

I’m telling you

I’m shouting at you

I’m glowing red

It’s bursting within me

The fury is in my heart

The temper in my soul

The clenching vessels in my blood

The anger spreading hold

I can see it, I can see it

It’s simmering beneath my skin

I’m illuminated scarlet red

Yet people say it’s something fed

Now you look at me with ‘wisened’ eyes

Shoving pills at me

These chemicals are repelled by my black skin

Shaken to the core of me

The coldness is in my heart

The darkness in my soul

The constricting depression in my blood

The madness stealing hold

I can see it, I swear to god

It’s boiling within my skin

I’m flaring the deepest black

Yet people say it’s nothing true

If so why am I seeing the same in you?

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