Larger than a breadbox
Larger than a breadbox games stories

maeve Im sad it happens
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Let’s play 20 questions

Larger than a breadbox

Let me go she says And I know neither one of us are talking about our position in the bed I want to say please don’t leave me How can I convince you to stay I know let’s play 20 questions I’ll be plant and you be animal And I know seeds sprout best from dead carcasses

But please stay Make a home for yourself in my heart I cannot bear to think of a life without your feet on my dash on our weekend friend dates That are more that friends dates Because we are more than friends

But the words get caught in my throat And I think it all over and over and over Letting go of your wrists and holding onto to your body for dear life But by the end of it you no longer smell like the sandal wood candles littering your room You’re just a corpse

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