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the chase for lost and undying souls

lost souls

by sheaberry

I search for a soul in the glows of the night

I'm a lost girl that's sought to find a life just right

Running and thrashing without a loud sound

Briskly ahead no one knows I'm around

I search under mahogany of paradise and trees

Look beneath the smooth silk, look beneath the leaves

I search the barren forests, that are shadowed with black

Look under the icy snow, of the north pole, so flat

I dance with the angels, trying to find the missing piece

Lurking and sneaking for the perfection to cease

But forsaken, it is so difficult to find

The soul of intervention, the right fit to mine

Slowly giving up, I spot a bright soul

One that lights up, is majestic to hold

Cries in finality, I run with all my might

To grab the soul, which fits me just right

Past the forbidden darkness and the rough, lucid terrains

A soul for me, lies hidden in remains

I run and I leap, to catch it in my hands

Before the runaway soul runs to another land

But before I can catch it, I fall with the blow of a fist

As someone holds my soul, that ceases to exist

As my life crashes down, I become an eternal sleeper

As unfortunate as it can be ...

my soul, in the hands, of a reaper

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