Your bridges
Your bridges love stories

maenad swaying in the breeze
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Falling in love

Your bridges

With dreams of Spain we pulled apart

Each other's minds and exposed our hearts

I ran with it, incandescent

You stole my word, vexed me, your present

You sent the places you would go

Your bridges pictures I would know

So I went back in time to imagined Spain

With two white stones, a leaf, and the rain

I left you all that I could write

On stamps and cards filled with light

You devilish whirling dervish, you trickster

Followed the path and almost missed her

It's sweet and silly and completely unlike me

Oak leaves, wire and an antique beauty

Take all this love and hide it away

Bury the stones but remember the day

The sun on your back, the grass, a cool touch

The reach, the span, a bridge between us

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