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maenad swaying in the breeze
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Like glass


I've no claim to know This map, reinvented daily By unknown beings unnamed winds Sculpting moment Ruling our territory

I've no doubt it's complicated The coming morning arriving home Just before dawn Slip my shoes off to climb the stairs Waking no one to watch the sun

I've no complaint lying here It's cool dark peaceful, I like it calm In clothes atop an unmade bed My mind reaches out for words Will I ever know the song

I've no interest in heartache wisdom Once empty streets lined with dead and gone Tears stopped falling watching hands turn wheels I've lost another ... thought With each beat Holding sand growing strong

I've no hold on the present tense With measured breaths my day goes on Light and shadow begin their dance Together apart With each in an out mudra nothing's wrong

I've no doubt you're fine as well Smooth reflective like water, like glass No need to touch a surface to sense you upon Days weeks months slip, pass Time is never really gone

I've no

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