I don't want MORE
I don't want MORE love stories
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maenad swaying in the breeze
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But I want more

I don't want MORE


I don't want MORE, but I WANT more. You're a beautiful shining star and will always be in my sky. Brilliant, burning and infinitely radiant, you are. I never wanted to be known, just understood, with an understanding that we, separately existing, shared and bared our vulnerability, an awkward arrangement, an awareness, a longing.

YOU, you, you...it's always been you. Why we hadn't fallen into each other's orbits long ago is a question I'll save for what comes after this life. But I recognize you were with me long ago, my imaginary friend, my morning star, the stranger kissing me on the promenade. You ARE a spark, a muse, love ETERNAL and I know no way to not revere what you encompass.

WE see with shared sight, listen closely, touch softly, and forgive always. You ARE exactly what I was searching for and I am eternally grateful for your presence. I carry you with me, a beacon, navigating THE distances in our HORIZONs.

I testify to the suffering of desire, meditating on the inspiration and bliss in the light, the FORM, the flesh of your being. I am exposed but I am not afraid, I am here, you are there, we are not diminished. With all my HEART-MIND, I love you as you are, beauty and truth. I trust.

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