My Smile
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Her smile, nose, eyes, all the same. Has it been that long?

My Smile

The train moves side to side, rocking us all in it. Everyone talks, quietly, sipping tea, eating finger food.

“Where is my coffee?” I growl as she walks past me.

“It will be out in a minute,” she answers, gliding straight past me. Her hair dark as midnight, swaying behind her. Eyes as bright as the sun, making my mind go back in time.

Do I know her? She comes back, a tiny white, chipped cup in her pink hands. She places it in front of me gently, making sure it won't spill.

Her body turns away from me, but I grasp her wrist, stopping her. Her eyes catch mine making me remember my past. Their eyes so similar.

Her button nose sitting in the exact same place, freckles splayed across it, drifting to her cheeks. My ears, eye shape and lips are now on her.

“April, is that you?” my voice breaking, eyes watering. A smile grows on her face, my smile.

“Of course, dad.”

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