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Me delivering to you my frustrations with an opposite sex friendship.


I don't have many friends.

This is because people take work, and not everyone deserves the effort.

I'm all about quality over quantity and I have standards that need to be met before I simply just slap the "friend" label on someone.

I'd say I have around 5 friends. 3 of which I've known since the 6th grade. I'm 26 btw. My other 2 friend are online friends, but they still mean the world to me.

One of my online friends, let's call him D, isn't very honest with himself about his feelings whether they be positive or negative.

He is actually the subject of one of my poems called "Uncovered". Lately, there's been some negative feelings involving me due to his issues with annoyance and anger.

He's quick to annoy and quick to anger, and his attitude and behavior changes. He goes quiet and doesn't speak much to me. This in turn, affects me negatively.

Because although I can tell by actions that he isn't in the best of moods, he won't admit it and simply take time off from interacting with me. He will continue to interact, barely.

Basically, he gives me the cold shoulder.

This hurts.

I finally told him it hurts.

His response to my entire paragraph of explaining my concerns to him were "uhhh ok".

Uhh ok?


So I pour my heart out to you and tell you how your behavior makes me feel, and how I am fearful that our friendship may start to decay because of it, and you just say "uhh ok"?

Some people are cold. Or at least they seem cold or uncaring. He cares for me in other aspects but when it comes to his own behavior, he refuses to.

It's frustrating, because I don't know how long we can last with him being this way.

Communication is key to opening doors and growth. But he simply can't do it.

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