A poem to my brother
A poem to my brother 
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madysonkennedy hello! im a poet working on book #2!
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A message to my brother.

A poem to my brother

To my brother You’ve finally broke me Just like our mother But I cry Because there’s no other I want you Not another But my walls are built And you want it But this wall Wasn’t built thin I’m sorry I didn’t ask How you’ve been But I’ve been hurt Deep within And now I hold A fake ass grin And only times knows But I can’t win And I hope this shows That I still love you And that I chose To keep you in my life I’m trying to compose The trillion thoughts Within my head Where do I start Where do I end What can I say What have I said I love you brother But I had fled To my safe place But I now have pled That I wasn’t there But I never left I never said goodbye And if you think that That’s a lie Because I need you When I cry When I’m hurting And when I’m wondering why I’m trying to explain myself Please see me eye to eye And don’t blame me Blame the bad guy Maybe then I’ll come by And say hello But if you deny Then I’m scared One day we’ll say bye

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