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madysonkennedy hello! im a poet working on book #2!
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Her story. A story of a girl who is me.

Her story

Here’s a story A story that’s mine It might give a shiver Down your spine At 6 years old She was abused But don’t get me wrong She wasn’t bruised The trauma was to her mind All because people Decided to be unkind But the family she loved Was left behind All because her momma Decided to get out of line At 13 years old Then was her first rape But no one got caught Because it wasn’t on tape She tries so hard But she can’t escape All the painful memories Of that day Now she struggles to keep the demons at bay At 13 years old She was kidnapped By her own momma Where she had to learn to adapt Because the only thing she felt Was felt trapped But then her momma left And this left her heart cracked Now she struggles To keep it intact Her momma don’t even know All that she will impact At 14, 15, 16 years old She was raped a few more And because of this She was called a whore This hurt her deep Her heart tore at 15 years old She was arrested For doing dumb shit But she still got busted Which left her family hurt They’re were disgusted But the crimes she committed Since she was trusted But she completed her sentence They got their justice At 15 years old She tried die Because she spent everyday in her room Where she would cry All because people didn’t trust her That thought it was a lie So she took all the pain And asked the world why But she took the pills Because she didn’t get no reply And now she’s sitting there Feeling high Thinking she finally got the chance Where should die But she was saved Even tho the pain didn’t disappear She never felt normal Always felt weird So here’s her story That she will volunteer At 16 years old She got into drugs All because She needed a damn hug Because the world left hurt It’s would tug At her soul Until she would shrug Took a bottle That she would chug Now she’s emotionless With nothing on her mind But hopelessness Still wondering why Will all openness here’s a story Of a girl who’s me Who just wants You to finally see the pain she’s suffered Even if you don’t agree She just wants to spread a message That is the key So here a story Of a girl who’s me

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